Liquitex Heavy Body 59 ml

9,00 18,00 

Viscous, artist-quality acrylic paint, particularly suitable for impasto techniques and creating textures. With Heavy Body Acrylics, the result is richly pigmented, satin-like, and permanent. Due to the thickness of the paint, brush and palette knife marks remain visible. Some colors are cadmium-free.

Heavy Body paints can be used confidently for techniques such as impasto and 3D effects without the fear of cracking after drying. The unique design technology of the colors ensures surface flexibility and a durable outcome.

Like other Liquitex products, Heavy Body paints have been tested for lightfastness. The colors remain durable, bright, and resistant to fading. The resin used in the colors has a mild odor and employs modern acrylic resin technology. Consequently, the paint does not dry too quickly, and the colors remain bright and clear. The surface is highly flexible, UV-resistant, and waterproof when dry. The colors also do not yellow over time.

Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics are safe to use: the Art and Creative Materials Institute has tested the series of shades and they have received the “Approved Safety (AP)” safety certificate. This means that the products do not contain excessive amounts of ingredients that could be harmful or cause health problems.