Liquitex Spray 400 ml


Liquitex Professional Spray Paint spray paints are a stunning innovation for professional painters. By combining artist-grade pigments with water-soluble spray paint technology, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint offers an impressive range of colors, fast-drying, low-odor painting, and durability. Unlike other spray paints, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint does not irritate the skin or eyes due to its low-odor feature. The paint and tools can be cleaned with plain water, as the paint is completely water-soluble when wet. When the paint surface dries, it becomes waterproof. These features make the paint versatile: it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Water-based spray paint is developed for maximum compatibility with other Liquitex products. It can be used on canvas, wood, stone surfaces, and even glass.

Bottle size 400ml, available in 31 colors.

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