Tri-Art High Viscosity 60 ml -acrylic colors

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This product available only in Tampere and online store.

Tri-Art High Viscosity acrylic paints are meticulously manufactured in Canada using top-quality materials. The paints in the High Viscosity series are thick and creamy in consistency, making them excellent for texture painting and techniques that leave visible brushstrokes. The colors are made from 100% high-quality acrylic emulsion and the finest pigments, ensuring that each pigment retains its characteristic properties.

No fillers or color-extending ingredients are used in the production of Tri-Art High Viscosity acrylic paints. They consist solely of high-quality pigments and binders. Consequently, the gloss level of the paints is determined by the size and shape of the pigment particles used.

Use brushes, palette knives, or spatulas and let the color guide you! You can use the highly pigmented colors as they are or modify them with various mediums. Because of the high pigment concentration, the colors withstand mixing with different mediums without losing their intensity.

Tri-Art paints are gaining popularity in countries such as Denmark and are now available at Arteljee!