W&N Professional Acrylic -Artist-quality acrylics 60 ml

12,50 31,50 

Artist-quality, high-quality acrylic paint series!

These artist-quality acrylic paints from Winsor & Newton feature a high concentration of excellent, lightfast pigments and a special acrylic binder, which prevents the colors from darkening or dulling significantly when dry. They have approximately 20% longer drying time compared to Galeria paints. Artist-quality paints also contain more pigment than student-quality paints, making them more resistant to dilution with mediums without losing their color intensity.

Artists’ Acrylic paints also use several more expensive pigments, and the price of the tube is determined by the cost of the pigment. Factors affecting the cost of pigments include their availability and processing methods. The price range is indicated on the tubes and the color chart with a series number, where series 1 is the least expensive and series 5 is the most expensive.