Promarker, single


Promarker pens were originally designed for comic and manga drawing, but due to their excellent ink quality, they are also perfect for coloring illustrations and stamped images.

The ink flow of Promarker pens is smooth and the coloring appears seamless, resulting in a “streak-free” and neat finish. With the Blender pen, which is pure solvent, you can blend color areas into gradients. Due to their translucency, overlapping layers can create new shades.

The pens feature two different nibs: a narrow drawing nib for precise work and a wider, chisel-tip coloring nib. They adhere to various surfaces, including paper, acetate, glass, plastic, and wood.

Additional effects can be created on dried marker surfaces using different-colored Promarker pens, watercolor pencils, ink pens, paint markers, or any color whose pigment is sufficient to cover the Promarker ink.

Promarker pens are non-toxic and alcohol-based. They are not acid-free, so they are not recommended for use with photographs. It’s advisable to store the pens horizontally with the cap tightly closed.

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