Derwent Pastel Shades Paint Set


The uniquely formulated pastel shades are soft and light. By layering the colors, you can achieve a bright, matte finish when dry, without affecting the previously created (already dried) layers. These delicate light colors can also be used alone for a lighter finish. Layering the colors makes the result brighter. This set is an excellent addition to the already diverse Derwent product range. Use the colors together with, for example, Derwent Inktense and Metallic colors. The colors have a gouache-like, pigmented consistency in the palette.

The set is designed to be portable or used outdoors – everything you need is included in the set, just choose the paper suitable for your work. Thanks to these features, the set is ideal for styles such as Urban Sketching.
Urban Sketching in brief: Urban Sketching is about capturing the things or events around you on paper, in a sketchbook, or on canvas – whatever suits you best. Urban Sketching is about recording everyday things: the first cup of coffee in the morning, the streets of your hometown, or even passing cars. Unleash your inspiration and capture the surrounding world just as you experience it!

Soft pastel colors! The set includes 12 pastel colors, a small water brush, and a sponge for cleaning the water brush. All this in a convenient storage box, which can also be used as a palette, as the lid has five embedded mixing wells.
The set includes the shades: Lemon, Peach, Coral Pink, Pink Flamingo, Orchid Pink, Lavender, Cornflower Blue, Turquoise, Mint, Artichoke, Storm Grey, and Silver Blue.

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