W&N Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brush

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The Series 7 Kolinsky sable brush is undoubtedly the world’s most elegant watercolor brush. Made only from the highest quality sable hair, its metal parts are rust-protected, seamless, and nickel-plated. The handle is polished, classic black. These brushes are handcrafted with years of experience.

The key features of this brush are its unique, sharp point and its shape-retaining structure: the hairs return to a straight position at a specific painting angle. The color flow capability of the Series 7 brush is also unparalleled.

For the painter who values excellent quality and durability, there is no brush like the Series 7.

The brushes were launched in 1866 when Queen Victoria of England commissioned Winsor & Newton to produce the finest possible watercolor brushes in her favorite size, number 7. These brushes were used to create portraits of royal family members and beautiful landscapes.

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