W&N Masque film yellow 75 ml


Removable masking fluid that protects watercolor paper in areas where paint is not wanted. Once dry, it can be removed with fingers or an eraser. The yellow masking fluid stands out well on paper!

A few tips for achieving better results with masking fluid:

  1. Shake the bottle before use.
  2. Do not apply to wet or damp paper.
  3. Use lower quality or old brushes and nibs for applying the masking fluid to avoid ruining your good tools.
  4. Clean tools immediately after applying the masking fluid.
  5. Ensure the masking fluid is dry before applying color over it.
  6. Do not leave the masking fluid on the paper for long periods.

TEST FIRST! Not all papers work equally well with masking fluid. It is recommended to test the suitability of the masking fluid on your paper before starting your actual work to avoid any damage.

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