Pentart Pouring medium 500ml

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Penart Pouring Medium at an affordable price for hobbyists. Pouring Medium is often used when acrylic paint is desired to have movement. The medium works well in pouring techniques, creating marble-like and flowing effects in artworks. If your goal is to achieve this specific marble effect, acrylic inks or very fluid acrylic paint are best suited for this purpose.

You can mix fluid acrylic paint (approximately 1:3) with Pouring Medium. For example, mix three different colors in their own cups and pour them onto the canvas. The colors spread evenly and seamlessly, and you can tilt the painting surface if desired, allowing the colors to blend into each other. You can also use a wooden stick, for instance, to help create marble patterns and control the mixing of colors.
Another method is to pour Pouring Medium directly onto the canvas and drop acrylic ink/fluid acrylic paint onto the Pouring Medium.

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