Baohong Masters’ Choice -Watercolor paper pads

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Exciting new arrival at Arteljee!

Baohong Masters’ Choice watercolor papers are top-quality papers for watercolor artists. Each pad contains 20 sheets of 300 gsm paper made from 100% cotton. The pads are glued on all four sides. Available in Smooth (Hot Pressed), Medium (Cold Pressed), and Rough textures.

Masters’ Choice papers are produced in the traditional Chinese Baohong family-owned paper mill. The initiative for making the paper came from two Australian watercolor artists, and production started when the Australian importer of Daniel Smith watercolors joined the project. After three years of intensive collaboration and development, the papers were finally ready to be presented to the public. They were first launched in Australia in 2019, in North America in 2020, and in the British Isles and other parts of Europe in 2021. These highly acclaimed papers are now finally available in Finland as well – exclusively at Arteljee!

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