Arches watercolor papers 300g 56 cm x 76 cm 10 pack


Sheets sold in packs at a discounted price! The price applies to a full pack of 10 sheets of the same color and texture of paper. Valid both online and in stores.

100% cotton. The highest quality paper for wet work! The paper resembles handmade paper, although it is traditionally manufactured using the drum drying method. It withstands wetting, rubbing, and washing well, and does not easily buckle.

Also suitable for inks, gouaches, and acrylic paints. Acid-free, chlorine-free, and natural white paper, which ensures optimal preservation over time. Arches watercolor paper is available in three different textures: Rough, medium, and smooth. Country of origin: France

Arteljeen Avaintuote, this product is not eligible for any other discounts (campaign discounts, professional profiles).