Lokta Nepalese paper sheet L01 ja L03

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Lokta paper is unique, durable, and handmade from lokta fiber. Acid-free. 51x76cm Lokta L01 30 g and L03 65 g. Each sheet of handmade paper is unique. The color of the paper may vary depending on the production batch.

Environmentally friendly Lokta paper is made by hand from the fibers of the Nepali Lokta bush. Lokta is a shrub, not a tree, and the fibers from which the paper is made are long and flexible, making Lokta paper very durable and pliable. Lokta papers can be used for many different purposes. They are suitable for letterpress printing, bookbinding, origami, and charcoal drawing, for example. The beautiful, soft surface provides an excellent base for various art projects.

The Lokta bush regenerates perfectly within about 4-6 years of cutting, and its cultivation and the production of “tree-free” paper serve as a reliable source of income for many Nepali artisans.