Amsterdam Acrylic Medium Gloss 75ml, 250ml

9,50 25,70 

A medium that thins acrylic paint without affecting its properties. Water alone can “break down” the acrylic binder (if used in amounts exceeding 30-50%) and may dull the colors.

Gloss medium for acrylics. Increases paint flow and adds gloss and translucency. Paint layers remain solid and colors stay vibrant. Dries clear, waterproof, translucent, and flexible. Dries as water evaporates and does not affect drying time of the paint. Generally can be used without restrictions. When glazing, mix approximately one part paint to four parts medium (1:4). Can also be applied between layers to add depth to the work. Can be thinned with water.

For a matte finish, use Matte Medium or apply Matte Varnish over the finished painting.