Liquitex Professional Flexible Modeling Paste 473 ml


Liquitex Professional Flexible Modeling Paste is a paste made from 100% acrylic polymer and marble dust, used to create flexible shapes and structures. It hardens to a very tough yet flexible, matte, and opaque white surface suitable for slightly flexible surfaces. It can be used as is, mixed with paint, or painted over once dried.

It dries slower than other modeling pastes and shrinks very little, if at all. It is suitable as a ground for acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints, as well as for dry pastels.


  • Apply with a palette knife or other tools.
  • Can be tinted with acrylic paints.
  • Can be handled like clay – remove the cap and allow some of the water content in the product to evaporate until the consistency is suitable for your purpose.
  • To create sculptural textures, it’s best to build layers gradually, applying thin layers one at a time and allowing each to dry before adding a new layer.
  • To avoid cracking, dry slowly – loosely cover with plastic wrap and allow to dry. Any cracks that may appear can be repaired by applying a thin layer of the product over the dried layer.

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